​Door Service and Repair

geelong roller shutters doors
Door Servicing


Prevention is better than a cure! Like anything Roller shutters and doors are subject to wear and tear. If your door isn't running at 100% let us take care of it quickly and efficiently.

Servicing includes:


  • Roller Shutters and Roller Doors

  • Motors and chain drives

  • Remotes and other technical issues.

Door Repair

We understand accidents happen. GEELONG ROLLER SHUTTERS are experts in door repairs and fixes. We will find the fastest and most cost effective solution to getting your door or motor back up and running. 


  • Damage due to vehicals, storms or a lack of maintenance.

  • Burnt out motors or broken gears.

  • Slat or curtain replacement.

  • Damage due to wear and tear.

  • Door removal.

24/7 Emergency calls


A broken or damaged door can be both a hazard and a security issue. GEELONG ROLLER SHUTTERS make ourselves available for such issues, so to give you both safety and peace of mind.

  • Quick and efficient response.

  • Damaged or jammed doors.

  • Failed motors or remotes.

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